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Cannabis Delivered to your door

Get cannabis delivered to you now.

Pure New Baltimore Cannabis dispensary offers same day delivery on all orders!

How to order cannabis delivery

Deliveries begin to be sent out at 10 am each day, and closes depending on distance:

20-30miles= 6pm

10-19.9 miles= 6:30pm

0-9.9 miles= 7:15pm

  • Delivery is cash only so please have your money, identification, and/or medical card ready for when the driver arrives.

  • Drivers cannot wait longer than 5 min for you to gather your things, so it is very important to be prepared before they arrive in order to complete the delivery in a timely fashion.

  • Change is by request only. You must ask dispatch for change before your order is on the road.

  • All orders should be placed using our online ordering systems to ensure order accuracy.

  • Delivery wait times depend on distance from the store and vary day to day.

  • All returns must be done in store within 48 hours of purchasing. We DO NOT accept returns on flower product, no exceptions.

  • Orders cannot be edited once they are on the road, so please double check your order before sending it through.

  • Orders must be confirmed before they leave the store, so it is very important to be ready for our phone call to review your order.

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