New Patients

How to get your medical marijuana card:

First, receive a medical marijuana doctor evaluation by a state certified physician.

You can apply for a medical marijuana card online or by paper.

You can download the application paperwork through Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

If you apply for your card online, you should receive an email confirming the receipt of your payment and application very quickly. Shortly after, you should receive another email that includes your patient card number (example: PT-00-123456). You can use this second email which includes your patient number as a temporary card for up to 10 days.

If you apply for your card by mail, send your check or money order and application together through certified mail to ensure it reaches the state. If your application is approved, you will receive your medical marijuana card shortly after.

If your card has taken over four weeks to arrive, you can contact LARA’s Medical Marihuana Program at 517-284-6400 or BPL-MMMPINFO@michigan.gov.

First visit:

Please bring your MMMP card (medical marijuana card) and photo ID to the store or you may text us ahead of time at 810-620-1056 with your medical marijuana card and government issued ID. By doing this you consent for us to have your information on file.

After your information has been quickly input, a knowledgeable consultant will greet you in the lobby and lead you into our product room. We have many beautiful displays counters and an attached education room. If you would like a more involved lesson about medicating with cannabis, the education room offers a quiet corner to ask our consultants any and all question you may have.